How to buy on kwanzo?

  1. Search For The Category Of The Product or Service You Want.

    We have well over many products and services listed on our platform and it keeps growing by the day

  2. Select From The Various Choices.

    We have so many providers for each and every single product or service listed on our platform

  3. Contact The Provider

    You may call them via phone. Discuss about all the details, ask every question you want to ask and negotiate the price

  4. Take Your Product or Acquire A Service

    We check all our providers very carefully, but its always better to be sure, Meet the provider in a public place or if possible go to their office listed on our platform directly and pay only when you have been satisfied

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Safety Tips

  1. Don't Pay In Advance

    For your own safety only pay after you have seen and confirmed the product or service your ordered

  2. Meet Business Representatives In Public Places

    Avoid lonely and dark places with noone when going to see representatives, if possible go to the business premises of the business

  3. Check to be sure it is exactly what you want

    Check thoroughly especially when dealing with physical products, that it is exactly what you want before making any commitment

  4. Only Commit if satisfied

    Only pay when you are satisfied or you can come back to our platform to find another provider

Master The Art of Selling

  1. Register An Account With Us

    To be able to utilize our platform for selling begins with you first creating your account Get Started

  2. Activate Your Account

    Check your email inbox or spam folder to get a mail from us to activate your account

  3. Login To Your Account

    After activation, login with your email/phone number and password that you just created

  4. Click On Pricing Plans

    While on your dashboard, in the menu bar click on pricing plans, you can view our pricing plans Here and Upgrade to any of our plans

  5. Click On Your Companies

    While on your dashboard, in the menu bar click on your companies

  6. Add Your Business

    Click on the button add your business

  7. Fill In all Your Business Information

    Fill all the required fields to get your business listed on kwanzo

  8. Click On Your Ads

    In the menu bar click on your ads

  9. Click On Post A Listing

    Provide all the information of your product or service, if they are multiple you can add each of the products and services individually to our platform

  10. Grab A Coffee

    Relax as your clients beging to reach out to you for patronage

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  • Pay Attention To Even The Tiniest Of Details

    Make good photos of your products and services, also write detailed descriptions of each of your products or services

  • Be Quick To Answer

    Always be available so that your buyers can always call you when they need you

  • Use Real Information On This Platform

    Let your details be very correct on our platform because we don't just market your products but we also create awareness for your brand

  • Follow Us On All Social Media Platforms

    We are constantly upgrading and adding new features to stay up to date follow us on all social media platforms @kwanzolink

  • Facing Any Challenges On Our Platform?

    Call Us Or Whatsapp Us On +2348117337777